Download & Run Capcut On Pc & Mac Emulator

Once ready, you’ll be able to preview your video by tapping on the Play icon. Once you’ve imported a GIF inside your video, drag this GIF to the extreme left or extreme right portion of your picture from where you want it to start moving. Select the side depending on your character’s movement. Since our character’s movement is towards the left, we moved it to the extreme right of the background. Make sure that the video position at the seek bar below is at the starting position when you mark your character’s initial position.

  • To trim the end of your video, perform this step on the right side.
  • Just select, click for downloading, and apply where you want.
  • Plus we’ll share our top three tips to help you easily level up your videos in CapCut or ANY video editing software.

And I mean stuff like audio , transitions, effects, text and even adjusts and filters. You could also add an option to have these presets for download for others to download them and use them in their edits. It will be a big help for my edits and maybe others too.

This elevated modifying capability may be taken for this Capcut application as a unique capability. You cannot encounter this feature with standard applications for video editing. When the video is edited it reduces the quality rather than increases. The quality of the video recordings is likewise reduced. But fortunately, in Capcut, even if you modify the image completely you may export your movie to everyone in the same quality.


CapCut has above-average ratings from more than 3 million users in the Google Play store. Its current rating is 4.3 out of five possible stars. Most users who loved the app said they enjoyed it because of its cool features and ease of use. Other people enjoyed it because of its convenience and versatility. Many of the consumers who left reviews said that they used it to create and edit videos on a variety of platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and the like. Interested people can get a CapCut download within a few minutes and go to the next level of video creation and editing.

How To Make A Video On Capcut

Provides cinema-quality looks, adjustments, and so much more. Unlock the full VidLab experience, which is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. VidLab is also available as a one-time purchase. Add hundreds of premium fonts to your projects crafted by the world’s best designers. Thousands of beautiful design elements to decorate your video projects with.

This one’s a little more tricky, not because the feature is hard to find or use but because you can only work with very short videos. The reason is that the processing at the back end is quite complex and resource-intensive, so larger videos could cause the app to freeze or your phone to crash. If you’re reversing a video, make sure it’s a short clip, or at least make sure your phone has Capcut adequate resources to process large files. If you want to more access features like green screen, slow motion, cropping videos, motion titles, slowing down or speeding up videos, you should choose the right pricing plan. Another alternative to CapCut for PC is MiniTool MovieMaker, a free video editor without watermarks.

Honestly this is one of the reasons why i LOVE capcut because you can make professional-looking edits for no money at all! Second of all, the transitions, effects, overlays, animations, etc look so amazing and professional. Anyway, if you’re seeing this and wondering whether to download it, do it! As someone who has tried various mobile editing apps, I can say CapCut is one of the best. However, in order to make it better, there are some things that need to be changed.

Every time I need to properly check of my editing is on time, I have to export it — which is very annoying. Another glitch I have come across have to do with audio. Sometimes, when I split a piece of audio into two, the second part is muted.

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